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Text: Tim Crouch 

Director: Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu

Distribution: Vlad Udrescu

Scenography: Andreea Simona Negrilă



At a conscious level, My Arm tells the story of a 10 year old boy who decides to lift his arm up in the air and hold it there for the rest of his life.

The apparently insignificant gesture scandalizes the entire community and changes the lives of those close to the boy.Incapable of understanding, people feel threatened and struggle to find an explanation. Everything gradually becomes more and more complicated, controversed, pressing. The arm is finally auctioned as one of the greatest contemporary works of art on the market.

My Arm speaks, in fact, of the suggestion / self-suggestion process as a definer of exterior life. Starting from the premises that our subconscious Self is stronger that the conscious one and has the capacity to re-write images and actions in our memory, the play tries to activate the imagination of the audience (the engine that triggers all our actions). Even more, to modify the meanings these have given to various objects.

Thus, the play tries to operate with our subconscious mecanism, to suggest a reality as opposed to representing it. The audience will lend the actor various personal items at the beginning of the show, which will end up as characters on the stage. Although initially it might seem funny for the performer, Vlad Udrescu, to talk to objects during the play, to reveal their obsessions, talk about how they get ill or angry, the public will eventually grow to care affectionately for the object-characters.

Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu: “I recommend this play to all those who spent their childhood trying to hold their breath the longest, trying to avoid stepping on the colour white on their way to school, refusing to take off a bracelet for years on a row. To those who are bored of finding meaning where there is none, to those who accept that, in life, some things happen randomly. To those who get lost among labels, classifications and names that society quickly finds to encompass any new element. And, not lastly, to those who want to see a different kind of performance, in a different kind of venue.”

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