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Text: Radu Iacoban

Director: Radu Iacoban

Distribution: Ionuț Grama, Andreea Vasile, Letiția Vlădescu, Lucian Iftime

„POLITIK.ON” is a comedy with absurd nuances about the unseen side of elections. 

A campaign manager with a questionable past is hired to prepare a fresh candidate for the City Hall. We eneter a world in which marketing and manipulation are the main weapons in the political power arena. 

POLITIK.ON was selected in:

Comedy Cluj Festival, 2016

The National Independent Theatre Festival, 2016

About the author: Radu Iacoban is a Romanian writer, director and actor. His plays are present on the stages of some of the best known theatre venues in Bucharest and have been invited in several important events of the trade such as The National Theatre Festival, or The Festival of Romanian Dramaturgy.

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